Show Off

We were down in London over the weekend at a wedding. It was our third in five weeks, and once again G was with us to enjoy the day. Shortly after this picture was taken she managed to stick her hand right into my beer, although if anyone from social services is reading I'd like to point out that I wiped her hand clean before she put it in her mouth. Honest, m'lud.

Sometimes people take their babies with them to weddings and other occasions so they can show them off. This isn't necessary with G, who is quite capable of showing off for herself. During the meal she got bored of watching me and Mrs J eat, and I caught her smiling and gurgling at the people on the table on the other side of the room.

In fact, given that she was one of only a few children there, G got quite a lot of attention all day from various strangers, and rewarded everyone with a winning smile. Maybe the beer had gone to her head.


AboutMyArea HD7 said...

You knew I'd be reading didn't you!

It's ok I am retired from Social Work now!
Are you wearing a kilt?

Richard said...

Haha! Yes I'm in a kilt. Bought one when I got married a few years ago, getting plenty of use out of it these days.