Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Curry For Lunch, Again

The baby is now three days overdue, but there's no sign of the little one appearing. We went along to the hospital earlier and the folks there were happy enough with both Mrs J and junior, so there won't even be any discussion of inducing baby for at least another week. Which means it's back to the traditional ways of hurrying nature along, which include curry.

I like curry. Mrs J likes curry. But our lunch today, which can be seen in the picture, was our fifth curry in a week. I would have thought we'd have got bored of it by now. But our legendary local cheap curry place, This and That, has a plate-of-rice-and-three-curries deal for less than a fiver, so there's enough variety to keep us going. The lamb and lentils is the best one, although Mrs J saved her dollop of it until last only to discover she was full by the time she got round to it. She still managed it though, must have been baby's portion.

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