The First Post

And so it begins. The picture is of me, Mrs J and the bump containing our first child, who is due to arrive any day now. Apparently it's a girl, hence the name of this blog, so if it's a little boy the joke's on me. If everything goes well, within a few months Mrs J will be back at work and I'll be taking care of baby as a stay-at-home dad. In this blog I'm going to be writing about how we all get on.

There are lots of reasons why I've decided to do this blog. It'll be a place where I can record events in our child's life so we don't forget about them. It'll also be somewhere for us to post photos, which should mean we don't irritate our friends by putting thousands of more-or-less identical pictures on Facebook and clogging up their news feeds. And hopefully a few people will enjoy reading about what we get up to.

That's all for now really. Back to waiting for The Stork.