It Was The Dirtiest Nappy I've Ever Seen

This was probably the best of the photos from our trip to see Mrs J's relatives in south Wales. It was taken during the day, so G was probably ignoring either Jeremy Kyle or yet another repeat of Top Gear on Dave. Can't really blame her.

G made a particular impression during an evening at the home of her great aunt and great uncle. She was being restless during dinner so at one stage I picked her up and started walking around the room. G's grandma noticed a stain spreading down her (inevitably white) tights. As I took her out (everyone was eating, after all), I thought I must have put her nappy on wrongly during the last change, which had only been an hour or two before.

Mrs J joined me, which was just as well, because it quickly became clear this was going to be a two-person job. It turned out I had put her nappy on properly, it was just that G had managed to fill it so that it overflowed in spectacular style. As we got to work getting her cleaned up and into some new clothes, G lay on her back gurgling happily, looking and sounding suspiciously pleased with herself. I suppose it's the sort of thing babies enjoy doing. It's also nature's way of telling you that you need to start buying nappies in a bigger size.