Cloth Nappies

We're taking it back to the old school. A load of cloth nappies arrived in the post yesterday and from now on we're going to put G in them most of the time, relegating disposables to the bench. We'll still use disposables when it's convenient, such as when we're out with G for an extended period of time or something, but generally it's going to be cloth all the way from here on in.

I'd always assumed the reason people used cloth nappies nowadays was that it's better for the environment, because you're not constantly sending off bagfuls of stuff to the nearest landfill site. Then when we started trying the odd one out a few weeks back, it occurred to me that this can't be the reason. You see, you have to put cloth nappies in the washing machine all the time, which doesn't really strike me as any better for the health of polar bears than using disposables. No, the real reason why we're going to use cloth nappies is that they're cheaper. A lot cheaper. Which leaves us with lots of extra money to spend on more important things, like chocolate (Mrs J) and whisky (me).

We've already discovered one problem though. Cloth nappies are a lot bigger than disposables, so now G looks like a baby Michelin girl. This also means that most of her 0-3 months clothes no longer fit properly, so we're having to switch to bigger sizes. Even from an early age, girls can come up with any excuse to go shopping.


Mama B said...

We love cloth too. Tiny babies can look a bit weeble-ish in them but obviously it's less obvious over time. There's nothing better than a big squishy cloth bum anyway! Frugi are good for clothes with the necessary bum room. I found Boots the worst on the highstreet, definitely designed for tiny bottomed babes. T is in pull-ups now as we're potty training in the New Year but the bonus of cloth is you can get them all out again for the second baby!

Richard said...

Yes if you don't mind putting in a little bit of extra effort when it comes to changing and washing them, cloth nappies are a much better bet over the long run I reckon. They also make a satisfying sound when you (gently) hit them, I can't help myself playing the drums on G's bum when she's on my knees in the 'Superbaby' position. I should probably stop admitting this sort of thing.