I've been out and about with G during the last couple of days, researching various rural places around Greater Manchester for an article I'm writing. Here she is today at Haigh Hall near Wigan, keeping cool in the pram under her floppy hat. However, under the hat is a patch of reddish sunburn, which I managed to inflict on her when I forgot said hat yesterday.

I quite fancied checking out Gaddings Dam near Todmorden, a disused reservoir at the top of a hill which comes complete with England's highest beach. With G in the back carrier, I started off on the winding footpath. But I quickly got bored, and decided I could take a shortcut by scrambling up a slightly steeper path. This would have been fine without all the extra weight on my back, and by the time I dragged my sorry self to the top I was going a bit pink, and not just because I was out of breath. G, who had been enjoying bobbing along on my back, had also caught the sun.

All of this meant some tutting in my direction from Mrs J when she got home last night. If it happens again, I might suffer some finger wagging too. Best make sure I always remember G's hat in future.


Dad Who Writes said...

Sun is a nightmare! We're family of red-heads and Celts so June onwards involves humungous amounts of Factor 30+ sunblock and so on.