Sleep Toy

Here's G in her typical early afternoon position, fast asleep in her cot. Her dummy, which she's only allowed when she's going down for a nap, has popped out. And under her left arm is her little sleep toy.

We started giving her the toy to help her get off to sleep when she had a couple of disturbed nights a while back. We kept it in our bed for a couple of nights to make it smell of us (parenthood does strange things to your bedroom habits) before giving it to G, and she's had it with her every night since. Now when she goes down for a snooze, she always opens her mouth for her dummy and lifts up her arm for her toy. And off she drifts, for anything up to 14 hours at a time.

Having such a well-established sleeping procedure really only presents one problem. What happens if we lose the toy? Will G never be able to sleep again? Actually I'm not sure she'd be all that bothered, but babies are nothing if not fickle. Best make sure we buy a cupboard full of them, then.


Nicola said...

I remember leaving 'woof-woof in Tenerife! I panicked my 2 yr old slept like a log!

Anonymous said...

We have two Jellycat rabbits but somehow, little elf has ended up with both. And somehow, she can tell the difference.

Sue said...

You could always test her by exchanging the sleep toy with a soft teddy now and again and see what she thinks.