A Walk And A Cake

Now that I'm working more, I don't get as many days at home with G as I used to. In fact, she spent the first three days of this week at nursery, and yesterday in the creche at the university where I've been teaching, so it made a bit of a change this morning not to have to rush around getting her ready to go out.

We celebrated later on by going for a walk along the local canal. G has got a lot better at this recently. Last summer, she'd usually turn around every few steps and ask to be carried. But now she's able to toddle along on her own at a reasonable speed without getting too tired. As the picture above shows, she can get away surprisingly quickly if you turn your back for a moment. She seems to know not to go too close to anything dangerous though.

We walked a bit further to the local garden centre, which claims to have the widest selection of cakes in the north west. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but, given that she is Salford-born and partial to raisins, I decided to treat G to an Eccles cake.

She ate it all. Or at least, she ate what didn't end up on the floor, her top, or all around her face. Having come out without G's bag, I had to ask a nearby table of mums-with-babies for some wipes. Salfordian or not, I might get her something less flaky next time.


Dad Who Writes (Gabriel) said...

I think some of the most wonderful times I've had with little elf (our four year old) when its just been the two of us have been in caf├ęs. Somehow, they bring out the wannabe grown-up in her. Never forget wetwipes, though!

Richard said...

I know. Schoolboy error.