Chips At The Lake

The sunny weather continued all last week, and on Thursday I took G for a day trip to a couple of nearby places. We started off at Hollingworth Lake, a reservoir which doubles up as a mini-seaside resort for local people who can't be bothered to go all the way to Blackpool.

This being a mini-seaside resort, I treated us to a mini-cone of chips as a snack. Walking across the road from the chip shop to the lakefront, G managed to trip over and fall in the car park. The hot weather meant I'd not bothered giving her any tights, and as I did my best to pick her up without dropping chips all over the place, I realised G was probably going to have the biggest grazes yet on her little knees, another one of those toddler rites of passage.

But as it turned out, they were just a bit red. She was soon happy again after a few chips, although walking along the promenade involved a bit more carrying and a bit less actual walking than I'd imagined.

We drove on to Todmorden for lunch, which G ate in typical style. Forget the magic sponge, for G the best cure for any ailment is clearly a big snack.