Walking On The Wall

This is the River Colne in the centre of Marsden, a regular stop on our frequent visits to the village (it comes after the ice cream shop and the playground, usually). There are always ducks here, and G enjoys chasing and pointing at them. Although I generally don't take any bread to feed them, as when I do G tends to put it in her own mouth instead.

Yesterday, G got me to lift her up on the wall so she could get a better view of the ducks. Then she walked along it, pointing at the ducks as they resolutely swam in the opposite direction. Obviously I tried to keep my hand on her so she didn't fall in, but equally obviously every time I got hold of her she shouted "No, daddy!" and started wriggling free. Instead I had to keep my arm vaguely near her so I could grab her in the event she slipped. This may make me a reckless parent, but on the other hand, she never looked like falling in. And I'm sure the ducks were glad she couldn't get any closer than this.