Third Birthday

G was three yesterday. We continued the tradition we started on her first and second birthdays by taking her to Chester Zoo. Having made it pretty clear the other day that giraffes are her favourite, we made sure to head there early on:
G was also looking forward to the elephants, although she seemed to enjoy this one even more:
Before leaving, G had opened one of her presents, a child's first camera sort of thing. I'd actually assumed it wasn't a real camera, but as Mrs J demonstrated to both G and me, it takes pictures just as well as anything else. So we stuck a memory card in and took it with us.
G was extremely excited about this, and took dozens of pictures as we walked around the zoo. Mostly, these were of the floor, or her own feet. But she did manage to almost capture a zebra in this one:
Afterwards, we made it home in time for cake. I'd made my first-ever attempt at a Victoria Sponge, and although it turned out ok, the structural integrity of the top layer was a little bit suspect. Thankfully, Mrs J came to the rescue by covering it all in icing.
I suppose I've got another year to have a few more attempts and get it just right. But no doubt by then she'll be demanding something much more elaborate.


Rachael said...

Foolproof sponge - 1 egg, 2oz butter, 2 oz caster sugar, 2oz self-raising flour. Multiply as needed. Cook mid-low, done when a metal stick comes out clean.
Happy birthday Gwenno! :)

Richard said...

Thanks! I actually think my problem was not properly accounting for my fan oven and therefore leaving it in a bit too long. I'll do it a bit better next time.

felinebelle said...

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY G! Didn't realise you'd moved. How's Swinton? Perhaps we could arrange a Manchester meet up/park somewhere before our second comes along.

Richard said...

Yep sounds good!