Little Dancer

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I've always had a policy of avoiding dressing G in pink as much as possible, because I'm not keen on gender stereotyping. This also partly explains why I enthusiastically embrace her current excitement about trains. She doesn't have to grow up to be a Pendolino driver, but as long as she knows that she can, that's ok by me.

But G also likes dancing. So much so that Mrs J recently volunteered to take her to a dance class on Saturday mornings. After going to one which contained elements of doing street dance to One Direction (wrong on so many levels), Mrs J tried a more conventional ballet class last week.

G had fun, but was the only little one there without a pink costume, so I had to relent and let Mrs J pick one up for this week. As you can see, G was initially unimpressed.

Maybe she'll get used to it. Alternatively, she'll be the only girl with a blue ballet outfit. Which wouldn't bother me at all.