Crumpet Sandwich

G has had a long-standing interest in crumpets, dating back almost to when she could first manage solid food. Ever since it's been a reliable snack food to serve up for her, even on the rare occasions when she throws a tantrum about something and says she won't eat anything.

These days, G is at an age where her independent streak makes her very specific about what she does and doesn't want. So, even the simple task of putting a couple of crumpets into the toaster for her has to be done in a particular order. She has to drag a chair across the room, stand on it, open the bread bin, and get the crumpets out. I'm allowed to actually put the crumpets in the toaster, but in the meantime she has to open the fridge door, point at the cheese triangles (it's almost always cheese triangles), which I then have to get. But she's got to open the little box, pick out the triangle she wants, then fiddle about with the little red cord until it opens. I then put the cheese onto the crumpets, and help her do the spreading. Then, finally, it's snack time.

Or at least it normally is. The other day, G kept on pointing at the crumpets, and asking for a "sandwich". I opened the bread bin to show her that there wasn't any bread, and that she was going to be having crumpets instead. "No daddy, like this," she said, and stuck one crumpet on top of the other, before biting into it. And so, the crumpet sandwich was duly invented. Or should that be discovered?


Anonymous said...

Aww! She's too adorable!

My niece does the same! She has to spread the jelly before the peanut butter when we have PB&J together. And then we drink orange juice and eat gummy worms afterwards! I guess it's a toddler thing!