Weekend Away, Then Holiday

After almost two years with G, Mrs J and I finally got our first couple of days away from her. We'd had the odd night out here and there, but the weekend before last was the first time we'd properly left G with someone else for any significant period of time, as we went down south for a friend's wedding.

Obviously we missed her but, you know, after more than 20 months of all G all the time, not really all that much. At least not until we were on our way home again, and we started wondering how she'd managed without us. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer was that she hadn't caused our babysitter any trouble at all, although I couldn't help but notice the extra toys which had magically appeared in the house in the meantime. It seems G can be bought, although I imagine the price of doing so may rise over the next few years.

On the Monday morning it was all a bit different. We were heading off to Northumberland for a few more days of holiday, taking G with us this time. But as we rushed around getting everything ready, we had to contend with a confused-looking toddler, who kept grabbing on to Mrs J, as if to try to prevent her going anywhere.

Once we'd got her into the car though, G soon calmed down and drifted off to sleep, as demonstrated by the picture at the top of this post. She also went on to enjoy some of the cultural contrasts of the north east during our break, ranging from the impressive Barter Books in Alnwick, where she ate a scone while appearing to take an important call from someone or other:

To the rather more simple charms of fish and chips, on the beach at Cullercoats:

She had good helpings of both the scone and the fish and chips, but I think G preferred the latter. Quite right too.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is but our 3yo seems to thrive on chips and nothing but chips, given the chance. Well, chips and tomato sauce. Do potatoes have some special capacity to be metabolised into pretty much any nutrient if you're tiny?