A Vision Of The Future

When you have a young child, sometimes you look at them and get a glimpse of what they'll look like when they're much older. Quite by chance, I caught one of these moments on camera the other day when we were in a shop, and I've reproduced the photo here.

Even though G is only 20 months old, I think she looks alarmingly grown up in this picture. In fact, I can imagine seeing a similar face for many years to come, staring back at me and making unreasonable demands, such as asking to borrow the car.

At least when I tell her she can't do something now, she usually forgets about it within a few seconds, so her tantrums never last very long. But I know that when I inform the 17-year-old G that she has to take the bus, I'll be unleashing several days of moping. Having a toddler rather than a teenager does have its advantages.