Ice Cream

Trundling G through the nearby village of Uppermill the other day, I stopped by the Sweet Memories of Saddleworth shop for a few Vimto bonbons. After all, having been a good dad and taken G to the playpark, I thought I deserved a treat too.

They've started doing ice cream in there, and I was persuaded to try the new lemon meringue flavour. I gave G a lick of my cone, and was both surprised and alarmed when she took it in her hand and contentedly started licking it, as if she'd been doing it for years.

So, courtesy of the shop owner, I got G a (small) one to herself. I had to help her out a bit by eating some of the ice cream when it started melting down the cone and onto her hand, but other than that she polished it off in good style.


Sarah Harris said...

vimto bonbons?! i'm there!