Lazy Walker

Taking G for a walk is a twice-daily event these days, to help tire her out for her afternoon nap and night's sleep. Usually I just take her for a toddle about by the canal near our house, but this morning we went further afield, for a walk around beauty spot and pseudo-seaside resort Hollingworth Lake.

The photo shows G starting out strongly, pulling on the lead which we use instead of toddler reins. But after about 200 yards she was already turning around and reaching her arms up, wanting to be carried.

I'm trying not to encourage this sort of lazy behaviour, and at least with plenty of dogs on the path I was able to keep her interested enough to continue walking. G always points and shouts "doggie!" every time one comes into view, although what the dogs make of her I'm still not quite sure, and one or two of them were a bit tentative around her today. Perhaps it's her lead that confuses them.