G has acquired her first pet, of sorts. While staying at her grandad's last weekend, we got her a little goldfish to go with the others in his pond. For the rest of our stay, G kept asking to "see the fishies", so I had several trips into the back garden with her. Sometimes they'd be near the surface, but usually they were hidden from view under all the greenery. "Fishies hiding!" said G, often followed by, "Come on fishies!" Faced with that, I think I might hide too.

We chose an orange and white fish for G, so she could tell it apart from all the other plain orange ones. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but I've since realised it could prove problematic in the event the fish goes to visit the great big pond in the sky. I look forward to frantically scouring the area's garden centres for an orange and white fish at some point in 2014.