Posh Cutlery

Today was a repeat of a day trip we did a couple of years ago, when G was still a baby. We went over the Snake Pass to Hathersage in the Peak District, for a bit of outdoor swimming at the village lido, then a snack at the David Mellor factory café.

Everything in the café is a Mellor design, from the tables and chairs to the plates and salt cellars. He's best remembered for his cutlery though, and even the little knife and fork that came with G's children's meal were from the pen of the late design legend. G was obviously excited about this, as she attempted to use them on her sandwich. Until I told her it was ok to use her hands.

It was just as well she had a good lunch, because the swimming trip wasn't as successful. G enjoyed it for about five minutes, but I think the water was still a bit on the cold side for her, especially with a stiff wind off the Peak District moors. "Bye bye swimming pool" she pouted at me from behind her damp hair, as I tried vainly to interest her in another game of round-and-round-the-garden. Maybe we'll come again when it's sunny.