Angel In The Morning

This is G asleep on my lap a little while ago. She managed more than two hours of snoozing on me on the sofa this morning, and I dozed off for a bit too, although this may have had more to do with the political podcast I was trying to listen to in one ear. Maybe it's the sleeplessness, but the outside world doesn't seem quite as interesting as it did a week ago.

So, G sleeps like an angel in the morning. It's just a shame about the night. She couldn't settle during the early hours and so for the second time in three nights Mrs J didn't get any sleep either as she tried to get the little one down for a decent spell. The highlight of the night probably came at about 6am, when I took G for a nappy change. I've abridged the conversation for your benefit, but it generally went something like this:

G (squirming): WAAAH! WAAAH! WAAAH!
Me (soothingly): Hush now, little one
Me (running out of patience): Stop squirming now, let daddy get this sorted
Me (really getting quite irritated): Oh for crying out loud, the more you squirm the longer this is going to take

If there is such a thing as baby whispering, I think it's fair to say I haven't yet mastered it.

I've been wondering whether the neighbours can hear all this, and are just too polite to say anything. The girl upstairs sent Mrs J a text yesterday asking whether the baby had arrived, saying she thought she'd heard the "cute sounds" of a little one coming from our flat, but couldn't be sure. Either this is a massive lie, or we've got better soundproofing than we thought. I'm sure we'll find out which soon enough.