I Worked 11 Hours And Bought The Girl Some Flowers

Actually, I haven't done any work at all, but after Mrs J put in a tough 18-hour shift the other day I decided to surprise her with some flowers. I popped round the corner to Northern Flower on Tib Street, and there was another new father in there who was doing the same thing. His baby girl is nine days old, and he complained about how she'd only just managed to sleep for four hours at a time. At this point my inner proud dad, bursting to get out, tried to make me say "oh well our little girl is only two days old and she's been asleep for the last five hours straight, so ner" but thankfully polite dad took over and I just nodded and made what I hoped were sympathetic new father-type noises.

When I was paying for the flowers I put my bank card in the machine, then realised I'd forgotten the new PIN number. So I had to pay on the joint card, which means Mrs J will be able to see what I spent on her, and therefore the exact monetary value I put on her marathon effort the other day. Might have to chuck out the statement before she sees it.

The title of this post comes from Up The Junction by Squeeze. There aren't many great songs about having children, but that's definitely one of them. Here they are performing it on Top of the Pops in 1979. You should be warned that the clip features both Dave Lee Travis and Mike Read. There's also Jools Holland pretending to play guitar, which at least means he's not doing boogie-woogie piano.