Both Mrs J and G came home today. The little one had already been asleep for a few hours before we were allowed to leave the hospital, and she amazingly managed to carry on sleeping right through the ridiculous 3-point turn (it was more like 30) that I had to perform to get out of the car park while avoiding other babies, ambulances and large items of construction equipment. Although she's got some feeding done since, as you can see she's sleeping again now.

It's a strange feeling having her in the flat. It's strange because the flat looks exactly the same as it did before, only there's a baby in here now. It's as if she's just appeared out of nowhere. I can't quite believe all those important-looking medical professionals have let us have this tiny child all to ourselves after just two days. I mean, what if I drop her? Or put her down somewhere, forget where, and then can't find her? That's what I usually do with stuff in the flat, which is why our remote controls are in such a terrible state. I keep looking the other way for a while, but when I look back she's still there, sleeping and occasionally fidgeting a bit. I really didn't imagine it all. I'm still not very sure what I'm supposed to be doing with her, but I'm sure we'll work it out between the three of us.


Sandy Calico said...

I found you on BMB, North West division.
Ah, welcome home! When we brought our first child home we looked at each other and asked 'now what do we do?'. Good luck :-)
I knew the Squeeze lyric, having sung 'Up The Junction' at Karaoke Box last month!