On The Campaign Trail

It's the general election campaign, and G must be the most politically active baby in the country. I've begun interviewing various candidates for one of my other websites, Saddleworth News. Most of these meetings are taking place during the day, which means I have to take G along with me. This certainly makes things a bit different from other political interviews. It also means I can let G help me decide which way I should vote. Basically, if any of the candidates makes her cry, they've lost my support.

The picture is of G holding a Conservative balloon (other political parties are available), which was given to her on Saturday as I spoke to the Tory candidate for Colne Valley. She certainly seemed more interested than she did on Thursday when she fell fast asleep during my chat with the Green candidate. Clearly if you want to attract the baby vote, balloons work better than dull conversations about rural transport policy.