Three Meals A Day

Here's G looking thoughtful as she munches her way through her lunch today. She's now onto three proper meals a day, which usually consists of porridge for breakfast, a pot of some kind of baby food for lunch, and some of whatever we're having for tea. Her intake of milk is supposed to go down accordingly, but she's still greedily polishing off her bottles, which suggests she's not going to grow up to be a fussy eater.

She's been a bit miserable at times over the last few days, as her next teeth poke their way through. G has had her two bottom front teeth for a while, and now her two upper fangs are slowly coming into view. This might make her look like a baby vampire, but I know for certain she's definitely not because garlic breadsticks are one of her favourite snacks.

G was on angelic form during her latest election campaign stop this morning, at the office of the local Labour candidate, who's also a pretty well-known government minister. The minister's wife looked after G while I did the interview, and I just about had to prise her back afterwards. G also tried to eat her red rosette, although I think that says less about her support for Labour's policies and more about the fact that just about any object within reach currently goes into her mouth.