Every Little Helps

I haven't been to the supermarket much since G was born. This is mostly because we live close to local shops including a butcher and a greengrocer, so I tend to get most of our food there. Anything else we usually order online and get delivered. But when I realised this morning that we didn't have any milk or spread left, I decided to take a detour via the nearest Tesco on the way home from this morning's parent and baby group.

And so, G got to have a go in the trolley. I hadn't realised quite how exciting this would be for her. She laughed and squealed with delight from the moment I strapped her in, and carried on all the way around the shop. She was enjoying herself so much I ended up buying loads of stuff that I hadn't intended to, including a packet of custard creams. It only cost 9p though.

At the baby group one of the mums was proudly showing off her five week old boy. Looking down at the little bundle, then across at G, I struggled to remember exactly what G was like when she was that size. In fact, she's always been such a big baby, I'm not convinced she was ever that small.