Behind Bars

G still can't quite crawl, but she's getting more and more mobile as the days go by. So it's time for drastic action. Although this looks like a little baby prison, it's actually a playpen for her where I can leave her to rattle around with her toys without worrying she might start rampaging around the living room causing chaos.

Something along those lines happened the other day. I was in the kitchen sorting out the tea, and foolishly left my back turned for all of five minutes. When I heard a thud and turned round, I saw G had dragged a plant off an admittedly low shelf, and was busy putting soil in her mouth. The plants are on a higher shelf now.

G doesn't seem to mind the bars so far. In fact she's been using them to practice lifting herself up to a standing position. Apparently some babies never get round to crawling, and actually start walking first. Considering how strong her legs are getting, it wouldn't surprise me if G ended up doing just that.