Nearly Crawling

G has turned seven months old, and is now getting worryingly close to crawling. I say 'worryingly' because I fully expect my life as I've got used to it to change again once she starts moving around on her own. I won't be able to just leave her with a toy on the living room floor while I read an improving volume of history (or play Xbox). Instead I'm going to have to watch her all the time, and move all sorts of things out of her reach.

The picture above shows where G has got to in her attempts to crawl. She's worked out how to put her hands in front of her, but she hasn't quite managed to get onto all fours yet. I'm sure it won't be long though.

About a month ago she spent a lot of her time lying on her back trying to roll over onto her tummy, but once she managed that she seemed to lose interest very quickly. Rolling over is yesterday's skill, and it's now all about trying to crawl. G is clearly very fickle. Typical girl.