Her Auntie's Wedding

We were in London over the weekend for the wedding of Mrs J's sister, G's auntie. Mrs J was a bridesmaid, so I had to get G ready for the occasion.

Normally I put G in something practical, like jeans or dungarees. No matter clothes like that make her look like a boy, they're much easier to get on and off, especially if you're a dad like me who has had basically no practice in my life up to this point dealing with tights.

But for Saturday Mrs J had got a pretty outfit for G to wear. So I had to fiddle about getting sparkly shoes, fancy tights and frilly knickers onto my baby daughter. As I was doing that I pondered how old she'd have to be before that sort of thing became inappropriate. 3? 5? 25? Just another of those dilemmas dads have to deal with.

As the picture shows, G particularly liked her new shoes. Sadly for her, I'd managed to put the dress on the wrong way round, which I didn't realise until Mrs J pointed it out after the ceremony. That meant another fiddly process taking all her clothes off just to put them back on again. No matter how much I complained about this, I was told that dungarees just wouldn't have been appropriate.

G behaved beautifully during the day, and slept well for her babysitters at night too. Just as well really, because we've got three more weddings coming up. As well as being the most politically aware baby in the country, G has a busy social calendar too.