In The Crowd

There was a festival of local shops and businesses at Uppermill Civic Hall today, so the three of us all went along. There were dozens of stalls packed in, and lots of people milling around, but G wasn't fazed by the crowd, and happily went toddling around.

In fact, she was toddling around a bit too well, and it was difficult to keep track of her at times. She wasn't really in the mood to be carried either, and every time I picked her up she soon started fidgeting until I put her down again.

When I went to the tombola the woman behind the stall gave one of her balloons to G to tie round her arm. This didn't have the effect of slowing her down much, but at least it gave me a better idea of where G was heading whenever she trotted off. I think some kind of permanent contraption to help me keep an eye on her might be needed soon. Preferably one with flashing lights and a siren.