National Identity

One of the questions in last weekend's census was about national identity. Specifically, it asked which nationality you would describe yourself as. Even though we've both lived in England for more than a decade, I put Scottish, and Mrs J went for Welsh.

We also had to fill out the form for G. Having been born in England, she's got a reasonable claim to three separate national identities. However, she's not nearly old enough to make a considered judgement about which she prefers, let alone tell us about it. So I just ticked the box marked British.

But then, in the post this morning came a Welsh rugby jersey sent by my mum, and which G has been modelling all day. Although I doubt that simply liking the shirt makes her definitively Welsh. And besides, as someone who was born in Lancashire but who lives in Yorkshire, G's allegiances are even more confusing than at first glance. I think she might find that British remains the best description.