Proper Photo

I don't really like having my picture taken. This probably offers a clue as to why I've never become a fashion model, although it doesn't explain why G enjoys being in front of the camera so much, something demonstrated by the smiles which are in just about all the pictures on this blog.

One of the businesses at yesterday's shop local festival in Uppermill was a photographer, Jude Gidney. After agreeing to do an interview for the next Saddleworth News TV bulletin, she suggested she'd take a quick snap of me and G in the little portable studio she'd set up in the corner of the Civic Hall. For once I think I look fine in it, although G seems keen to get back to toddling around.

Having avoided doing photoshoots with G up to now, this means I've now ended up doing two in a month, following this one for the Sunday Times. Still not sure I like looking at photos of myself much, but if G grows up to be a bit vain, then at least I'll know where it all started.