Handbag Substitute

The weather's been getting better lately, so sometimes I take a few of G's toys into the front yard and we sit and play out there for a while.

As proved by her recent bafflement when presented with a dolly by the health visitor, I've done my best to keep G away from too much girly stuff so she doesn't grow up to be, you know, all girly and that. But it doesn't seem to be entirely working. The other day, instead of bashing her toy drum as usual, she decided to pose with it as if she were in a fancy shop and it was a fancy handbag.

This photo isn't really conclusive proof one way or the other. But perhaps some aspects of gender are innate after all.


Dave W Farthing said...

A handbag fetish to go with her shoe fetish, perhaps? And where does she get the shoe thing from, Richard? :-D