Warmer Waters

I took G swimming a lot when she was a little baby. But after taking her to lessons in a heated pool when we lived in Manchester, the transition to our particularly cold baths in Saddleworth proved a bit of a shock for both of us.

On Tuesday mornings for several months last year, I dutifully got us both into the water in time for the 9am start at our local pool for the weekly parent-and-baby session. G usually seemed to enjoy it, although she could never keep herself from shivering, and I always needed a good five minutes in the hot showers afterwards to feel normal again. So eventually I gave up going.

But after a tip-off from a mum at one of the groups I sometimes go to, we've taken G to the Copley pool in Stalybridge on the past couple of weekends. Not only is the water a more bearable temperature, there's also a small pool for toddlers which is very pleasant indeed. No doubt that's not just because it's heated a little bit more than most pools. But when you've got a little one yourself, that's the sort of thing that doesn't really bother you as much as it used to.


Roberta said...

Glodwick pool is also worth a look, it's got a 'beach' entry and definitely warmer than Saddleworth.
I've heard good things about Copley too so shall give it a try sometime.
My little boy has lessons at Glodwick on a Tuesday morning but I think they have to be 2-2.5 years to start lessons so perhaps a little early yet for G.

Richard said...

Great, will do. There's lots of parking at Copley too so it's well worth trying. Although the car park was jammed on Sunday morning because there was some kind of wrestling event going on, bizarre!