Little Insect

Here's G coming face to face with a pig on a day out with her mum at Tatton Park today. She's dressed in her new standard wet weather attire of a ladybird coat and wellies, with a bee backpack.

The backpack has got a little lead attached to it, which means it's easy enough to let G toddle about without worrying she's going to run in front of the nearest car, which given her independent streak (she never looks round to see where I am, ever) would be inevitable sooner or later without some kind of restraint.

We went for the backpack instead of the conventional reins worn by many little ones because, well, it just looks a lot less like a harness. And besides, there's space in the backpack pocket for a few nappies but not much else, thereby teaching G an early lesson in the importance of travelling light.

Nobody's yet commented on the apparent contradiction of G wearing an outfit that suggests two different insects. But then, I'd suggest having everything co-ordinated into one ensemble should be well beyond the ability of any stay-at-home dad. If you've got the time and inclination to worry about such things, you could probably do with getting a hobby.