The other day a local mum came over to me (we were both at a teddy bears' picnic, but that's a whole other story) and asked for my e-mail address, so she could send me a "cute photo" she'd taken of G. And here it is!

This was on Sunday, during a free concert by our local brass band in the centre of the village. During a break, someone came on the microphone to ask if there were any "young volunteers" to pick up the collection buckets to take around the crowd. I looked down to find that G was already one step ahead, had grabbed two, and was toddling about, a look of determination on her face.

Everyone laughed. And, as the picture shows, I had to put down my pint to go and make sure the buckets got to some slightly older kids, more capable of carting them around without almost toppling over. G got her moment as the centre of attention though, which I'm sure is all she really wanted, little show off.