Chocolate Ice Cream

Ever since G was little I've often taken her for an ice cream. This used to be so I could have a little treat while giving her a bottle of milk, but eventually she graduated onto having an ice cream of her own.

Knowing how fickle toddlers can be over their food, I've always got her a vanilla cone, because I know she likes it and will finish it without having a tantrum and throwing it somewhere. But on Friday, I decided to let her pick for herself. "Brown one!" she said, pointing at the tub of chocolate. So she had her first ever chocolate ice cream (I got a vanilla one myself, just in case she changed her mind halfway through, but unsurprisingly this didn't prove necessary).

Given Mrs J's fondness for chocolate, this could be the beginning of a long relationship for G. A momentous day, indeed. The next step will be chocolate sauce.