Red Jersey

Mrs J is Welsh, and G has an extremely Welsh-sounding name, largely due to a Welsh branch of my family on my grandfather's side. So when the rugby's on, there's only ever going to be one nation for G to support. With Scotland suffering another Six Nations season without winning any matches whatsoever, it would probably count as cruel and unusual punishment to force her to cheer for her dad's team anyway.

So G was in her red shirt as Wales beat France to win the Grand Slam yesterday. Not that she had much idea of what was going on, although she did manage to spot that some of the people running around on the TV were wearing the same colour as she was.

This could also prove useful when introducing G to rugby league. Given that she was born in Salford, G should have a natural inclination to prefer the northern code. And with Salford playing in red, she could even get away with wearing the same jersey to support both teams. Might save us a few quid in replica kits too. Told you I was Scottish.