Too Big For The Swings

I've been working a lot in the last few weeks, so today felt like my first normal day at home with G for quite a while. There are obviously lots of things I'd been waiting for the opportunity to do, but I couldn't really bring any of them to mind this morning, so I settled for taking G into Uppermill to visit the playground.

It's still a bit far for G to walk, so I decided to take the car. "Playground!" she said excitedly as I pulled into the car park nearby. This turned into anguished cries of "plaaaay-grooound!" as I turned around and left the car park, because there weren't any spaces. After going round the block, I returned and found someone just leaving. The happy "playground!" returned. Such are the emotional highs and lows of being a toddler.

As I pushed her on the swings she's used since she was a baby, I noticed that G's feet now just scrape the floor as she goes back and forth. She's now 2'11'' which doesn't seem particularly tall, but clearly it's too tall for the baby swings. Time to upgrade to the ones used by the big boys and girls.


Sarah Harris said...

Aw, took Thom on those very swings for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I can't quite imagine there will ever come a day when his feet scrape the ground! Am sure it will be here all too soon...
Good luck with the graduation to the big swings!