Attention Seeker

Mrs J keeps saying, only half-seriously, that we might find we've got an ADHD child on our hands. G has reached a stage of wanting to be constantly entertained. Otherwise a kind of half-happy, half-sad whining starts, and if we continue to ignore her, we end up with some proper crying.

G is still a bit too young to be amused by many of the mountain of toys and other gadgets that are rapidly filling a corner of our living room. And there are only so many games of astronaut or peekaboo that she can stand before getting bored (although, I admit, usually I get bored long before she does, I mean have you ever played peekaboo? It's a bit repetitive).

One thing that G does find fascinating is lights, and I'm afraid that includes the TV. She particularly enjoyed Strictly Come Dancing (this was Mrs J's choice, not mine, obviously) when it was on. If she was lying on her playmat she'd turn her head to stare at the screen, which probably had something to do with all the movement and colours.

So far we haven't resorted to just dumping G in front of the TV to keep herself amused, but the options for entertaining her are going to reduce by half from Tuesday. That's when Mrs J goes back to work and every day becomes daddy-daughter day. From then on, I'm going to need all my powers of imagination to avoid using the gogglebox as a babysitter.