Money Saving Tip

Fellow parents! Don't spend money on expensive gym memberships. Just balance your baby on your shins and use her as a leg weight! It's good exercise for you, and fun for all the family, as G demonstrates in the picture above. Best of all, you don't even have to leave the sofa, which is my kind of workout.


kathy said...

She is an absolute doll!!


I remember when my son was a babe doing something similar but lying flat out on floor and lifting him up in the air several times with my arms. Great tummy firmer.

As he tipped the scales at nearly 10lb when he was born it was quite a feat of strength. No wonder my back is still nackered 20 odd years later!

Richard said...

Haha, yes G was also just under 10lbs when she was born. Relatively speaking she's not such a giant anymore, but she's getting heavier so soon enough she'll be able to give me a proper workout!