Graduation Day

Today was graduation day. Well, actually it wasn't graduation day at all. The graduation ceremony for the MA I finished in September actually took place before Christmas, but I didn't bother going because, frankly, the one graduation ceremony I've already been to in my life was more than enough. All that poncing around in silly robes and listening to dull speeches just isn't for me.

So we finally got round to having a subdued celebration this lunchtime. Mrs J took me out to the Marble Arch on Rochdale Road for a pint of their lovely homebrew beer and some lunch (I had a tasty bowl of game stew). There hasn't been any snow for three days but it's still all over the ground, and today was another beautifully clear and cold day. The winter sunshine was so pretty it almost took my mind off the struggle of heaving G's pram through and over all the ice and slush. Not that all the jiggling about bothered her, she lay quietly and dozed on and off the whole time. I don't know about an MA, but, and I realise this is tempting fate outrageously, G certainly deserves a prize for being so well-behaved lately.