Chubby Arms

My insistence on not dressing G in pink all the time has been causing more confusion. Yesterday morning I took her to the pool in Uppermill for a swim during the parent and toddler session. Because it's an ordinary pool (the lessons she's been having are in a specially heated one) I put her in a little wetsuit which goes over her double swimming nappy, to keep her warm. The suit is purple. You can get it in pink too, but Mrs J sensibly avoided that option when she got it.

Anyway, there was one other parent in the pool, a mum with her toddler. We exchanged pleasantries. She looked at G, and the conversation went like this:

Ignorant woman: "Doesn't he have chubby arms for such a little boy?"
Me: "Actually she's a little girl."
Ignorant woman: "Well, she's got chubby arms for a little girl then. You should dress her in pink."

As you can imagine, there were several things I wanted to say at this point, about both the chubbiness or otherwise of my little angel's arms, and my personal distaste for dressing girls in pink. But I thought better of it, smiled thinly and went back to swimming. I was probably within my rights to call her child pig ugly or something. I'll have to save that sort of top quality comeback for next time.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the title. i looked at her arms. I went 'Ooooh" to myself out loud. Her arms are everything a baby's should be.

Another response could have been, 'yes it shows we are feeding her'


kathy said...

I think her arms are adorable!! (the shirt's not bad either)

Anonymous said...

She's lovely, pink is rubbish.
By the way, not all groups are dad-free zones - swimming at Oldham on Wed and Fri and Denshaw Smarties on Mon (10am) both have dads/grandads there regularly!

Richard said...

Marie - I think it's all the swimming she's been doing, helping to tone up her arms. At her lesson yesterday she was way better than all the other babies, all that extra practice we've been doing has paid off! (he says cackling in a slightly odd way, like one of those pushy tennis dads)

Kathy - Yep she's proudly representing LSU. If she's awake on Sunday night I'll make sure she's backing the Saints.

Anon - Right, will have to make it up to Denshaw on Monday if I can!

Kath@Parklover said...

I have the same pink free problems with CJ. When she was about G's age a lady in a cafe said "Oh, isn't he lovely?" I felt like saying "Lovely? He's a bit of a dandy!" She was wearing purple leggings with a velvet and lace trim and a purple stripy t-shirt. Only Liz Hurley would dress a boy like that, surely?

Richard said...

That's awesome! If I ever have a little boy I'm going to dress him as a Dickensian fop every day.