My Baby Is Lazy And Strange

Normally we get G up for her morning feed at about 7 o'clock. But because we keep her bedtime relatively late at 8:30pm (so Mrs J has time to give her a bath and play with her a bit after getting in from work), G's often still a bit snoozy in the mornings, and usually needs a nap by about 9ish.

Anyway, this morning Mrs J had got up at stupid o'clock to go to London for work, and sometime after 7 I heard G wake up and start to gurgle to herself over the baby monitor. She seemed happy enough so I let her entertain herself for a while and went to have a shower. By the time I looked in on her (it was almost 8 by this point) she'd got herself back off to sleep again. She didn't wake up for another half an hour, either. Lazy, lazy baby. If I'd tried to pull that sort of thing when I was a child, my mum wouldn't have been impressed.

G's latest fun discovery is to lie on her back on my knees with her head hanging over the edge, looking at everything upside down. The picture above demonstrates what I mean. This strikes me as probably quite uncomfortable, but she seems to enjoy it. Here's what she looks like from the other side:

As I write this, she's still hanging off the end of my knees, occasionally laughing to herself about something. I have no idea what. Strange child.



That child is just adorable!

Richard said...

Thank you! She's not adorable all the time, though.