Curry And Raspberries

Here's a rarity for this blog, a picture of G with me in it as well. I took her to Leeds today so we could have lunch with a friend, and she suggested a curry, which as you can see went down well with G. It won't be long now until she's on solids, and judging by the way she was eyeing up my plate, that can't come soon enough.

I took G over to Leeds on the train, and on the way she suddenly discovered how to blow raspberries. She seemed to be delighted by the loud noises she was making, and they were accompanied by drooling and the odd big smile. A delay in the journey somewhere near Batley gave the rest of the carriage the opportunity to hear G's new-found ability too. Being a proud dad blind to my own daughter's annoyances, I thought she was being very clever. Not sure the other passengers agreed, but I don't care.


Mrs J said...

Haha, she's not just eyeing it up, pocket whilst you're not looking!

Where did I put that baby rice..?!

Mrs J said...

That was supposed to say 'she's trying to pocket it whilst you're not looking'.