Tooth Fury

Our happy, smiling little girl has been replaced for the time being by a moodier, whinier baby. G's first tooth is coming through, and she's not all that happy about it. There's a bit of crying, and a lot of what you see in the picture above, which is poking her tongue inside the front of her mouth and drooling a lot (a bib is essential wear these days). I don't really blame her, I complain constantly when I get toothache, so all things considered she's actually dealing with it pretty well.

I suspect the main reason G isn't as miserable as she might be is Calpol. Sweet, sweet Calpol. What did parents do before it? Actually, that doesn't even bear thinking about. Suffice to say that losing the bottle of Calpol is now the single thing I fear most. By a long way.