Everyone knows it can be difficult to get babies to go to sleep. Sometimes taking them out in the pram works, sometimes going for a bleary-eyed drive in the car does the trick, on other occasions just a dummy and a lullaby will do.

G is no different from other babies, in that she often needs one of these when it's time for a snooze. But that wasn't the case this afternoon. For lunch earlier I cut up a crumpet and gave it to her bit by bit. After she finished it, I did the same with another crumpet. She finished that one too.

And now, about an hour later, look at the result. She's actually fallen flat out asleep on the living room floor. G had been making her latest attempt to teach herself how to crawl, but it seems the size of her lunch has caught up with her. She'd better make the most of it though, falling asleep following a big meal probably won't be socially acceptable again until she's at least 65.