The G-Dog And The Cat

I took G to visit my mum for a couple of days this week. From G's point of view, the best thing about this was that she got to play with my mum's cat. Every time the cat came into the room, G responded by bursting into hysterical laughter, waving and pointing, before getting on all fours and crawling after the poor creature.

G generally makes lots of noise when she's crawling around, as she thuds her hands into the ground and gurgles to herself, so she hasn't mastered the art of stealthy tracking. This allowed the cat to get away every time G got anywhere near. Not that G seemed to mind. I think she enjoyed the chase more than anything else, not least because I don't think she had much idea of what she'd do with the cat if she actually caught it. I doubt her little brain had thought quite that far ahead.


Dan Bruna said...

We have a wiley old neighbourhood cat that often comes round for a cuddle and scrounge and isn't put off by my heavy handed dynamic duo.
Little Muffin decided he needed a drink the other day and decided to pour a glass of water on his head - dear old wiley hasn't been seen since!!

Great blog.

Richard said...

Thank you.

Poor cat getting drenched, if there's something cats generally hate it's water. Maybe your little one knew that instinctively? Toddlers can be crafty.

Spencer Park said...

Isn't it lovely how kids live for the moment. We could, probably, learn at lot from them.