Long Wet Summer

Today was the last day of the school term. G isn't nearly old enough to be bothered by that, but it means that the parent and baby groups I take her to most weeks won't be running until September. So today was the last day of baby singing for the time being, and despite the heavy rain I pushed G along the canal to the place, getting pretty drenched in the process. It was worth it though, because as always G had a great time, gurgling along to all the nursery rhymes and stealing the other babies' toys.

Mrs J asked if I could get a CD of all the baby songs so I could play them to G over the summer, but I vetoed that. I've got a strict policy of quality music only in the house to help educate G, and besides, I'm not sure I fancy listening to nursery rhymes more than once a week. With the weather as grotty as it is, the combination of not being able to leave the house and having to repeatedly sing Hickory Dickory Dock to keep G entertained would be too much to take.

If G gets bored, I'd rather stick to my unashamedly trendy iTunes library and G's new activity cube. As the photo shows, that's doing the job for now.


Hackney Hackette said...

Are you sure you are not secretly living our life? We also went to the last singing yesterday and went along a canal. ;-)
What is quality music, do you mean classical or rock? I found this National Trust CD http://shop.nationaltrust.org.uk/products/teddy-bears-039-picnic-cd/676/ to be a nice compromise between nursery rhymes and adult music as it's songs my nana used to play me, like Swing on a Star and Ugly Duckling. It does make me cry though.
My two seem to like bits of the Nutcracker Suite, or "dance of the mushrooms" as no1 son calls it after seeing Fantasia on Youtube.