Lazy Baby

Here's G at the end of her nap today. It lasted well over two hours, and would probably have gone on longer if I hadn't got bored sitting around the house on my own and decide to wake her up by letting the camera flash off right next to her.

After gradually sleeping less and less over time, G has suddenly started sleeping more. In the mornings she's now rarely awake before half past 8, and the other day she was still flat out when I finally reached into her cot and started shaking her at half 9. She's always slept in quite late for a baby, because we don't put her to bed until after 8pm each night so Mrs J can spend time with her after she gets in from work. But the snoozing every morning and around her daytime naps is now approaching teenage levels of laziness. Apparently this is probably because she's having a growth spurt, although I prefer the idea that she'd just rather stay in bed.

I really shouldn't complain. Often when I talk to mums about the sleeping patterns of their little ones, they moan about still never getting an undisturbed night's sleep, or having to get up before dawn every day to deal with their wide-awake child. Ever since she started sleeping through at ten weeks, G hasn't had much trouble getting in a full 12 hours at night with plenty more during the day. I never tell the mums this though. I don't think I'd be able to show my face at a baby group again if I did.


Sleepless Mum said...

(fingers in ears) la la la not listening. Sleeping through at 10w? 9 am get-ups? I am actually going to cry ;-)

Richard said...

I'm sorry.