Self Portrait

Ok, so it's not exactly a self-portrait, I took this picture of G and me earlier by putting the camera in my outstretched right arm and pointing it in our general direction. I think it came out pretty well.

G is still too young to understand what cameras are, let alone how to use one to take a photo of herself. But she has worked out that I'm doing something significant when I aim it at her, because she usually smiles and tries to grab the thing. She always likes being the centre of attention, my little girl.

She was on particularly good form over the weekend as we took her to see some of our friends. One said, "She always seems so happy." I tried to explain that this is a bit misleading, and that G tends to be at her smiley best in front of other people, probably precisely because she is in front of other people. G saves her whingeing and whining for when she's stuck on her own with me, which is of course entirely understandable. She soon brightens up again when I get the camera out though.


Spencer Park said...

A beautiful picture and you seem, rightly, proud.

Richard said...

Thank you!

Planethalder said...

Lovely little girl. Does she like looking at photos of herself on your camera? That seemed to have kept mine occupied for... oh... minutes when she was your daughter's age. Phone video footage too.